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Drug discovery for complex age-related disease with Gordian Biotechnology and Perch Partners.

Carla is a geek AND a nerd. She uses her superpowers for good (most of the time) to help you bring your technical, intricate, or complicated subjects to life. You will draw in your audience with Carla’s curiosity and enthusiasm for your topic. Her down to earth, smart delivery feels like a great conversation with your geeky friend: approachable, relatable and friendly.

Her career prior to voiceover spanned technology, higher education, pharma, healthcare and AI. She’s here to help!

Technical book, informative promotional piece, medical narration or an esoteric topic? Carla will convey your words from a place of deep understanding for your audience to listen, learn and enjoy.

Check out the Portfolio page for more clips and videos.

How can I help?


Carla is available for audiobooks, eLearning, commercial and advertising projects. She records from her professional home studio. Whether you need broadcast-quality sound, beautiful narration or tricky technical scripts delivered clearly, Carla will work with you to achieve the goals of your project.

Studio Information

  • WhisperRoom vocal booth
  • Røde NT1 large-diaphragm  condesner microphone
  • Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd gen) audio interface
  • Adobe Audition (Mac)
  • SourceConnect standard, Zoom, Skype, Teams, Google Meet

Prior Clients & work

Carla has done audiobooks, marketing, promotional, instructional, and PSA spots for a wide range of topics and clients including Amazon, Delta Air Lines, Sling TV, Celonis, Advata, Unum, Armory Technologies,,, GoodLeaf, Adult & Teen Challenge, AstraZenica, Albiero Pharma and more.

Project Management

Carla has experience as a project manager in tech, marketing and other fields. She has planned and executed successful projects ranging from social media campaigns to build audience to implementing rebranding to … well, a whole bunch of tech stuff.

What her Clients are saying

Carla was a joy to work with! I’m so glad we found her. She was highly communicative and open to direction. She met or exceeded all project deadlines and delivered a spot on track that has brought our video to life. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and am looking forward to the opportunity to work with her again. Dana Nacer

Carla was so wonderful to work with. Flexible, quick turnaround, professional, and great quality! Madeline Reto, Slingshot Aerospace

Great experience working with Carla. Carla was very professional, took direction well and excellent communication from start to finish. Would recommend! – Chris Stephens

It was amazing working with Carla. Despite having complicated and scientific terms, she took the direction very well and made no mistakes. Thanks a lot for your quick turnaround time. Keep it up Carla!Madhurima Saha, MedTrix

Carla was an absolute pleasure to work with. We highly recommend her for any voiceover needs. She is flexible, professional, with a very fast turnaround time. – Jess C., New Park Creative

Carla was easy to work with, fast turnaround and did a great job. I cannot recommend her highly enough and would definitely work with her again.Petersels AB